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New York Metro Jazz Group "Playing hot, Dixieland jazz since 1998, Doctor Dubious augments our core group with several top musicians from the New York metro area on call who have their musical roots in the Hot Jazz and Swing styles of the 1920s Jazz and '30's. Here is a brief introduction of our Jazz Artists and who we are


Noyes “Bart” Bartholomew* – cornet – is the band’s only “Dr.” He holds a DMA in music composition from Columbia University and spent 40 years in academia. He’s a fount of information about jazz history! In high school Bart was the hot shot trumpet player in Omaha, Nebraska, but his academic pursuits pulled him away from the horn. Its siren song eventually lured him back and he now provides the band’s musical leadership with his assertive statement of the melody and plays trumpet in Schapiro 17, a New York big band.


pianist Karen  

Karen Bartholomew* – piano and vocals – is a retired music educator. She came to jazz later than the other members of the band, but it didn’t take long for her to find her passion as a jazz vocalist. After completing an MA in Jazz Performance and Composition from New York University she then spent three years in the BMI Jazz Composers Workshop writing original music for big band. Karen is also an active church organist and choral accompanist and brings her ragtime piano skills to Dr. Dubious.

Barbara at Jazzberry  

Barbara Dreiwitz – tuba – is a Hunter College music graduate. She switched from French horn to tuba over 50 years ago in order to play Dixieland jazz and never looked back. It has afforded her opportunities to tour Europe and play with famous people and bands such as “The Harlem Blues and Jazz Band” and Woody Allen’s band at Michael’s Pub. Barbara’s solid bass lines provide the foundation for the music. She is our ROCK.


Richard “Dick” Dreiwitz – trombone – is a Columbia University alumnus who developed a passion for jazz at an early age. Through years of assiduous listening he learned to play the riffs and phrasings of the great jazz “trambone” players. He has played with a number of well known bands, including Woody Allen’s “New Orleans Funeral and Ragtime Orchestra.” Dick brings a vast knowledge of the music and its creators to our presentations. He is committed to staying true to this music and to keeping it alive through performance.  He thanks you for listening.


Joe Licari - clarinet - is our newest member, but he is not new to this music, having played with many big names throughout his more than 60 year career. You can read about him on Wikipedia. Joe brings an infectious energy to the band with his rapid fire arpeggios and driving rhythms. He fills all the holes and makes our hot jazz SIZZLE! Visit his website at

Monroe Quinn, banjo  

Monroe Quinn – banjo – is the youngest member of the band by far. He brings some prodigious guitar chops to his banjo playing and holds the rhythm section tightly together with his steady “thrumming.” When we can coax him to also bring his guitar to the gig you’ll hear strains of gypsy jazz as well as swing. Monroe has an active career in other musical styles, as well. Check out his website at

* indicates founding members.